Sport and society events

Besides the daily work, the BYC organize some events. These can be special events, based on public holidays or days, like Heritage Day or Mandela Day. On these days we combine the specialty of the day and the program of the event. This can be traditional dances, costumes and singing, and on the other hand cleaning up and talking about environmental themes.

Fun on the sportsday

According to these events, we organize sport events, like soccer tournaments or a day, with a lot of indigenes games. Through the time, we got a lot of connections and supporters. Every year in august, a group of students from the LEED’s university in England work with the children and make a sport day, once a week.

Sportday with the students from the University of Leeds

Furthermore the Briardene Youth Center is working hand in hand with other organizations in Durban. The BYC is attending events from other organizations. These give the opportunity to meet other people, who are working in the same area. The children have also the opportunity to meet other children and other places and take relations.