About us

The Briardene Youth Center is a small NPC (Non-Profit-Organization) in Briardene, a Township of Durban, South Africa.

In Township are 250 RDP houses and round about 1000 wood and metal shelters. The most inhabitants of Briardene are disadvantage people. Furthermore the most members of the team are locals. Thereby the BYC try to have a good connection to the community of Briardene.

The Briardene Youth Center was founded in the year 2013. Starting with 3 members the BYC is now working with 5 members and one volunteer from Germany.

The work of the BYC exists of daily work and bigger events. The daily work includes care, homework assistance and correction, small teamwork games and rather sport games like volleyball or soccer. These indigenes games can be played on the sports ground of Briardene and few open places. The education work takes place in a 40 feet oversea container. Near the container stand a jungle-jim and swings. Per Day between 20 and 30 children are coming to the playground.

Purpose of the BYC is to offer an open playground, different activities and a safe zone for the children. By these activities another aim is to educate children in teamwork, discipline and respect.

The whole project has a command of 6000R financial donations yearly. The most of the financial donations are from Europe, especially Germany. Attending to this the BYC is running with smaller donations and support from companies in South Africa. Furthermore the BYC get support from different international volunteers, which are studying in Durban for a temporary time, and parents from the Township. Because of the less financial opportunities the BYC tries to work hand in hand with companies close by and smaller item donations.

„empower the youth“