Camp Arnerley 2015

Also this year our youth got the chance to go on a weekend trip to Arnerley. Saturday morning at 6:30 am it was time to meet up having a small breakfast together before the bus arrived to pick us up.

After two hours of travelling our kids start to count down till the arrival – the other kids from Marianhill couldn´t understand the excitement of our kids.

The Youth got divided in 5 different groups mixed with kids from three different areas. They competed each other in soccer Volleyball and in the obstacle course. After Lunch we changed the original plan and decided to go to the beach. Two of our Volunteers went in front to hide the treasure for the kids. Than it was time to get the treasure and 100 children went to find it. Amazing views for the Team leaders -sadly we forgot to take pictures- After  the treasure was found it was time to swim in the sea-water pool.

Back in the Camp it was time to prepare the talent show for the teams.

The evening came and all Teams gave their best to perform their talents in singing, dancing and acting. After the nice campfire for the older youth it was time for bed.

Sunday continued with different sport activities and a nice church service. After lunch was time to clean up and slowly time to say good bye.